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Secret Weapon

Gabe was the best decision I made in my law school journey. I never write reviews of any sort, but after such a positive experience, I felt compelled to share this secret weapon with others going through this difficult process. Not only was his advice and acumen truly invaluable, but he was very enjoyable to work with and turnaround time never exceeded 2 days. Any investment in Gabe’s expertise will only benefit you!!

Mary F.


Above and beyond

“I really appreciate all your help. You’ve gone above and beyond and I wish I reached out to you earlier!!

Allison L.


More than words can say

“I could not recommend Gabe more highly. He was extremely responsive, gave specific and clear feedback, and presented realistic but hopeful strategies. I had a lot of questions about how to best ‘sell’ myself, and he gave me the honest and expert advice I needed to prepare a stronger and more persuasive application. He is professional, personable, patient and understanding about how important this process is for applicants. His thorough feedback and support mean more than words can say.

Mara S.


Fantastic writer

“I had a great experience working with Gabe, he’s a fantastic writer, a skill I don’t think many consultants share, and he helped ensure my applications were as strong as they could be.

Sam K.


Solid feedback, quick turnarounds

“Really solid feedback that helped me flesh out my personal statements, given with quick turnarounds.

Dave L.


I got into a top-tier school!

“Gabe was a great and attentive guide who greatly helped flesh out my personal statement. Not only was his advice excellent and his edits incredibly helpful, but he followed up to see how admissions turned out. I was happy to say I got into a top-tier school!

Ryan P.


Incredibly helpful

“Your edits and suggestions were incredibly helpful, and you were very responsive which was great for quick edits near deadlines.

Jose Q.


Patient, conscientious, clear

“You were patient, conscientious, clear, compassionate, and you listened to me so that when I had trouble getting something, you were able to change your way of explaining things until I understood it.

Ella T.


Extremely helpful

“THANK YOU!!! I’ve now been accepted by my top 3 schools with financial aid! Working with you was a very positive experience and your insights were extremely helpful!

Bebe T.


Forever grateful

“Gabe provided me with insights that took my applications to the next level. He was worth every dollar and I am forever grateful. ”

Caroline M.


Worth every penny

“Your advice and help was worth every penny several times over. I started at Texas Law with a 75k scholarship – thank you for all your help in the application process!

Nate B.


Kind, genuine, trustworthy

“Gabe is a superb LSAT tutor and law school admissions consultant. From our first session, he was eloquent and clear, and I knew I could count on him. Gabe is among the kindest, most genuine, and trustworthy people I have known. He made me feel comfortable so that I could understand the material, which felt like learning a new language. His essay edits and help crafting my applications were insightful and taught me think strategically. Not only did he help me get into law school, but I am grateful he made a stressful process fun and manageable.

Rachel P.


Couldn’t have done it without him!

“It was a pleasure working with Gabe. He was very professional and was quick to respond with answers, advice, and edits. I couldn’t have done it without him!

Frank R.


Helpful, substantive feedback

“Gabe is extremely dedicated to providing helpful, clear, and substantial feedback. He is always very responsive and serves as a great support through an already stressful and confusing process. I would recommend Gabe to any applicant.”

San S.


Crucial to my process

“Gabe’s assistance was crucial to my application process for law school. As a Canadian applying to American law schools, I had no experience or expectations about how the process worked and what schools might be looking for. Gabe not only guided my brainstorming but also helped me throughout the writing process with very quick turnaround and very helpful feedback for every essay. Thanks again for your help!

Gabi C.


The best!

“Wow your edits are amazing! Honestly, you are the best! I am so glad I reached out to you for help, it was worth the investment and I have had such an amazing experience working with you!”

Haila M.


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