Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like help but I’m not sure. Where do I begin?
First give yourself a break, the law school application process is overwhelming for everyone! Like everything on the Internet, it’s easier to find uninformed chatter than expert advice. When you feel ready, email me to schedule a free brief introductory call. We can discuss your individual situation, with no hassle or commitment!
What kinds of clients do you work with?

I work with all kinds of law school applicants. Some are immigrants or first-generation college graduates unfamiliar with the application process and unsure of how to present themselves. Others took a long road to law school or worry about weak points in their applications. Some are aiming for top-tier schools with no room for error, while others feel less picky. Ultimately, any applicant could use expert help.

Overall, I work best with applicants with a sense of humor and perspective who appreciate honest feedback, not flattery or ghostwriting.

How many hours should I buy?

It typically takes me about 30-60 minutes to fully review and edit one draft document. If a draft looks like it needs more work, I will return feedback for revision, until the work is ready for a line edit. So, if you think your materials are good to go, an hour or two should suffice. If you anticipate multiple drafts, the five-hour package is a better deal. If you want more overall help, consider the unlimited plan. Hourly clients are only charged for substantive time spent, but many clients prefer the unlimited plan becaues then they feel more comfortable reaching out when questions or concerns arise throughout the application process.

Why are your rates lower than competitors’?

Without overhead or employees or a big marketing budget, I can charge less than admissions consulting companies while providing a more consistent and responsive level of service.

How can you help clients outside the U.S.?

Unlike most countries, legal education in the U.S. is only postgraduate: either a JD for aspiring lawyers or an LLM or SJD for existing lawyers. Most foreign lawyers choose the one-year LLM program, but I can help qualified foreign clients apply to any of those programs within the U.S. Learn more about those degrees here.

For those applying to foreign law programs, such as in Canada or the UK,  I can offer expert editing but not professional advice.

Do you tutor for the LSAT?

Yes, I have tutored and taught LSAT prep for more than 15 years, for Powerscore and independently. I am happy to assist with study strategy or one-on-one tutoring. We can work online, or in-person in New York.

What was your LSAT score?

The same as Elle Woods got in Legally Blonde, 179. I didn’t have a poolside video essay, however.

Why are you an admissions coach?

I  want to see my clients achieve their dreams to become lawyers. Helping them tell their stories keeps my writing skills sharp and funds my advocacy work to promote human rights and fight corruption.

What’s included if I purchase an “Essay Critique”?

The Essay Criique is a special for new clients only. It includes a review and critique of one personal statement or other document, with full feedback and suggestions for improvement on content, style, grammar, and argument. If you’d like help with more than one document or draft, I suggest hourly help.

Are you available for public presentations or events?

Yes, I am happy to speak and answer questions about the law school admissions process near the New York area. I am particularly eager to give presentations in under-served communities, because no one should feel left out of the law school admissions process.

Do you offer referral bonuses or discounts?

Yes. Email me for more information!

What if I don’t need a full hour of assistance?

Existing clients may purchase half-hour sessions at half the hourly rate. New clients might consider the “First Review” special here, which includes a full review and critique of one personal statement, resume, or other document.

Will you write my essay for me?

No. But I can provide the strategy, structure, editing, encouragement, and feedback to help anyone write faultless essays.

What if I have another question?