Month: January 2021

Q&A: Education of a Law School Applicant’s Parents

I am applying to several top tier schools. My parents have an MD and a PhD. Should I answer the optional question regarding their educational levels? – SL What a family of underachievers! Were your grandparents astronauts? There is no reason to hide your parents’ achievements. Your parents’ educational background can be a meaningful part …

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What to Ask Law School Admissions Officers

Decades ago, interviews were a central part of the law admissions process. Applicants would arrive at the law school in person, impeccably dressed in suits, and chat about their pedigree and career aspirations. If they came well-regarded from elite schools and seemed to have the “right character,” they would be accepted on the spot.

Soft Factors That Can Help Law School Applicants

Law school is an intellectually challenging experience based upon rigorous reading, analysis, and oral and written argumentation. Law school admissions officers most value applicants who have demonstrated their capability to handle this workload under pressure. Primarily, they look to applicants’ grades and scores on standardized tests, typically the LSAT but increasingly the GRE.

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